Discover new trails with RockyTrailbites™ Shred & Flow Series, bitesize gravity enduro action for all the family!!

What Is the Shred’nFlow™ Series?

Rocky Trail exists to bring the thrill of mountain biking to everyone, regardless of age, experience, or location.

Not every trail network boasts the vast terrain for a full-blown gravity enduro – or marathon cross-country event for that matter. But that doesn’t mean they can’t offer amazing riding experiences.

Get ready to unlock the hidden gems of mountain biking with the all-new Shred & Flow! Think shorter climbs to the start, think more time with mates, think less stress and more flow!

Whats the Format?


  • Inspired by our Superflow®, we offer 3 short tracks. Riders can still have up to 5 runs on each track.
  • Choose which order you do the tracks in. The fastest run on each track still counts to the total time.
  • Tracks are shorter than a classic Superflow® track with 30m-60m of total descending.
  • Runs will be between 1-3 min long. Some tracks may have short climbs to link together the best bits of a venue. 
  • We race on Saturday only from 9am to 1:30pm.
  • Great for local racers to unlock the potential of their local network 
  • Top 3 places per category score a finisher medal


New rider or seasoned racer, everyone’s welcome. Hone your skills, explore new trails, and shred alongside fellow racers. 

Entry $59

  • Social 19-39
  • Legends 40+
  • Junior U19
  • Junior U17
  • Junior U15
  • Junior U13
  • EBike Open (all ages)
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