Rocky Trail Launches Sea Otter Australia in Mogo NSW 2025

Sea Otter Australia – Connecting World-renowned Cycling Celebration with Brand New Trail Network

Rocky Trail Entertainment will bring the World’s Largest Cycling Festival brand to life: Sea Otter Australia will be racing, riding, tradeshow, summit and entertainment all in one in and around the Mogo Trails on the NSW South Coast in October 2025. Sea Otter Australia will be hosting cycling racing and riding events, a dedicated industry tradeshow day, expo and business summit.

Its time to bookmark and start planning now!

The original Sea Otter Classic is based in Monterey, CA

With a history of over 30 years, the original Sea Otter Classic event draws a massive 80,000 participants in California in April each year. With Sea Otter Australia, Rocky Trail Entertainment will establish the first and only one of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. It is now one of only two licensed Sea Otter events in the World outside of the US alongside Sea Otter Europe in Girona, Spain. Rocky Trail Entertainment joins the global Sea Otter network to promote the Mogo Trails on an international scale.

Sea Otter Classic Founder and Director Frank Yohannan said that he was pleased that Rocky Trail Entertainment is taking the helm to bring the excitement of Sea Otter Classic to Australia. “The team is a terrific fit with our brand. They are great organisers who bring the ‘entertainment’ vibe front and center. You know, making Sea Otter on the Mogo Trails a place where the fun never stops.”

He added that the global Sea Otter network can’t wait to see the Sea Otter spirit Down Under, thanks to Rocky Trail Entertainment. “We look forward to Sea Otter Australia reaching out to embrace Australian mountain bikers and the entire cycling community. Get ready for an awesome ride, Australia – you’re in good hands!” 

More than just racing

More Than a Festival: Racing, riding and connecting beyond the tracks

Sea Otter Australia is more than just a festival; it’s a celebration of cycling in all its forms. With a diverse range of racing and riding events, including gravity enduro, downhill, cross-country, gravel, free ride and more, the event caters to racers of all levels and riding styles. A dedicated industry tradeshow day will foster networking for Australian cycling businesses. Attendees can also expect a bustling multi-day expo showcasing the latest bikes, gear, and industry trends. The event extends beyond the tracks with the Australian Sea Otter Summit, fostering crucial dialogues about trail-based tourism and industry growth.

The fun never stops, event beyond the trails.

“With Sea Otter Australia, we’re not just about pinning on numbers and chasing podiums – we’re about igniting a passion for cycling in every heart that rolls through our gates,” says Juliane Wisata, CEO of Sea Otter Australia and one of the Rocky Trail Founders.

“From adrenaline-pumping races to leisurely cruises on the trails, from industry insights at the Summit to community celebrations in the town, we’re creating an immersive experience that celebrates the entire cycling ecosystem. It’s about shredding, racing and riding the awesome Mogo Trails, discovering the latest gear, and connecting with fellow riders on and off the tracks – all while leaving a positive legacy for the Mogo region.”

Juliane Wisata, CEO of Sea Otter Australia

Held at the stunning Bay Pavilion and its state-of-the-art conference centre in Batemans Bay, the summit will bring together key stakeholders to discuss sustainable development and collaboration, leaving a lasting positive impact on the region, Wisata added. 

Connecting Mogo to the World:

Sea Otter Australia serves as a gateway to the breathtaking NSW South Coast. Participants will discover the region’s natural beauty through curated itineraries and destination guides, exploring charming towns, pristine beaches, and diverse landscapes. This event goes beyond tourism, aiming to leave a lasting legacy of community engagement and environmental stewardship.

Martin Wisata, COO of Sea Otter Australia and Managing Director of Rocky Trail Entertainment said that the event was only possible on the Mogo Trails because of the Eurobodalla Shire Council’s commitment to restoring the region after the fires. With sister company Rocky Trail Destination, the team is establishing the Mogo Trails as a world-class trail network in the Eurobodalla region, built with our key construction partner Next Level MTB. The first opening of Stage 1 is expected for mid-year 2024 and the full 130km+ network will be live by early 2025 – right in time for Sea Otter Australia in October next year!

Getting ready for Sea Otter Australia: the Mogo Trails crew.

“Our work has always been about building a community, and Sea Otter Australia aligns perfectly with the region’s vision, becoming part of a resilient community”, Martin Wisata said. “We are inspired by the resilience of the people Mogo who have been rebuilding the landscape, the town, and lives after the 2020 fires ravaged through the region. Our team has been establishing the Mogo Trails and with Sea Otter Australia we’re doing our bit to create an annual flagship event that will put the network and the region on the global cycling stage”, the Project Manager for the construction of the Mogo Trails added.

Trails for days at Mogo!

Celebrating Resilience and Opportunity:

The choice of Mogo as the host location holds special significance. The region is still rebuilding after the devastating 2020 bushfires, and Sea Otter Australia presents a significant opportunity to showcase its resilience and celebrate its ongoing revival. Rocky Trail Entertainment is committed to working closely with the local community, fostering inclusivity and ensuring the event benefits the region beyond each pedal stroke on the trails.

Eurobodalla Mayor Mathew Hatcher said Sea Otter coming to Mogo Trails is a dream come true for the Eurobodalla.

“When the planning for Mogo Trails began, we knew we wanted to build an international standard MTB destination. That was always the aim and we’ve been fortunate to have Rocky Trails Entertainment and Forestry NSW as brilliant partners in this project, always supporting our vision.”

Eurobodalla Mayor Mathew Hatcher

A MTB fanatic himself, Mayor Hatcher said the strategy behind Mogo Trails was to support tourism and economic growth in Eurobodalla and the broader region.

“South-east NSW is fast becoming the premier MTB destination in the country,” he said. “We’ve got stage one of Mogo Trails to open in a few months promising world-class riding. Narooma Trails are pumping visitors since they opened in December, and further south there’s brilliant trails at Tathra and Eden, plus all the Snowy Mountains riding just a few hours inland.

“We’re so excited to be working with Rocky Trail Entertainment to bring Sea Otter to the NSW South Coast. I can’t think of a better way to launch Mogo Trails on the world MTB stage.” 

Rocky Trail Entertainment Superflow, North Stromlo, 2023

About Rocky Trail

Founded in 2008, Rocky Trail has grown into a leading mountain bike event promoter in Australia. Beyond organising thrilling competitions with over 11,000 participants in 2023, they look beyond the finish line. Their Rocky Trail Destination (RTD) arm specialises in building and promoting nature-based tourism, recognising its immense potential in Australia. This dual expertise in event management and destination development makes Rocky Trail uniquely qualified to handle both the thrills of Sea Otter Australia and the long-term growth of the Mogo Trails.  

Mogo’s incredible new trails in development

About the Mogo Trails

The Mogo Trails project, led by Rocky Trail Destination, will establish a world-class trail network in the Eurobodalla region. With the first stage expected to open in mid-2024 and the full network scheduled to be operational by early 2025, the Mogo Trails will provide cyclists with access to a diverse range of trails and experiences. Rocky Trail also credits the successful establishment of the Narooma MTB Trails further South within the Eurobodalla Shire region, which will enrich the riding and racing offering. The Batemans Bay MTB Club, with over 100 active members, is set to play a pivotal role in breathing life into these trails. Encompassing 130km+ of new pure biking delight in the Mogo State Forest, areas surrounding Deep Creek Dam, and the Wandera State Forest, our design, rooted in the Eurobodalla Shire Council’s Masterplan, promises a trail network for seasoned riders, gravity enthusiasts, and young trailblazers to hone their skills. 

About Sea Otter Australia

Sea Otter Australia is a flagship cycling event hosted by Rocky Trail Entertainment Pty Ltd in collaboration with the Mogo Trails project and endorsed by the Eurobodalla Shire Council. With a focus on promoting outdoor recreation and community engagement, Sea Otter Australia is planned to be established on the NSW South Coast and aims to showcase the beauty in and around the Eurobodalla region and establish it as a premier destination for cyclists worldwide.

Rocky Trail Entertainment secured the rights to establish the Sea Otter Event in Australia. The Mogo Trails are offered to host the major global event for 10 years and beyond. Sea Otter Australia will be the first and only one of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. It is now one of only three licensed Sea Otter events in the World outside of the US, alongside Sea Otter Canada and Sea Otter Europe in Girona Spain.

Contact for Media Inquiries

Juliane Wisata
CEO, Sea Otter Australia
Founder, Marketing Director Rocky Trail Entertainment Pty Ltd
Founder, Director Rocky Trail Destination Pty Ltd
M: 0416 737 972

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