Rocky Trail e-Bike Policy

Statement, 21 February 2023

At Rocky Trail Entertainment, we are committed to providing a safe and fair environment for all riders at our events, including those using e-Bikes. At our events we wish to focus on providing the best possible experience for all riders. Because of rising participation numbers of e-Bike competitors at Rocky Trail Entertainment events, we are highlighting the existing policy and are introducing random checks and an addendum to our Race Waiver specifically for e-Bike riders.

Rocky Trail has always required all e-Bikes used at our events to be compliant with Australian standards to ensure the safety of all participants.

With rising e-Bike participation numbers, the business is now reinforcing and putting a highlight on the existing policy and is introducing some procedures to ensure the safety of all riders.

Our goal is to promote a level playing field for all participants and to keep mountain biking safe and enjoyable for everyone.

This means for e-Bikers:

  1. We remind our event participants on e-Bikes, that Rocky Trail Entertainment has required all e-Bikes used at our events to comply with Australian Standards.
  2. Random checks of e-Bikes by the Race Director may include a visual inspection of the equipment and electric power checks. The Race Director has the sole discretion to remove a rider from the event and the results.
  3. Rocky Trail Entertainment requires every participant on an e-Bike to agree to additional addendum on the Race Waiver, guaranteeing the compliance of the e-bike with the Australian Standards at the time of the event and acknowledge the risk associated with non-compliance. The Race Waiver is available on our website.

As always, our focus is on providing the best possible experience for all riders, and we ask that all participants respect the rules and spirit of fair competition. Read more…

Rocky Trail Entertainment e-Bike Policy Explained

Rocky Trail Entertainment has been one of the first promoters to offer race categories for e-Bike riders in Australia. Our business has always recognised the official regulations in place by the Australian government regarding the use of e-Bikes on mountain bike trail networks and on the road.

As such, the company hereby reinforces our stance that we require all e-Bikes used at our events to comply with Australian Standards. The Australian regulations for e-Bikes include a maximum power output of 250 watts and motor assistance only while pedalling, cut off 25km/h maximum. Rocky Trail recognises these regulations are Australia wide for the use of e-Bikes in mountain bike trail networks and on the road.

Among the Rocky Trail portfolio of racing, the Superflow® style has attracted the highest growth in e-Bike use with tripled participation year on year. In this gravity-racing field, e-mountain bikes have been a game-changer in the cycling world, providing riders with an electrifying and challenging experience. They offer a fun and thrilling way to explore the mountain trails, with a little extra assistance from the electric motor to do more runs or being able to ride and race with competitors who have more endurance strength (ie, couples or families racing together). Because Superflow® racing is timed on technically challenging terrain, speed and power is not the only determinant of success – focus, mental strength and skills above all are the ultimate deciding factors on a winning race time.

In the cross-country and endurance racing scene, however, it has been our experience that e-Bikes are about participation. The use of e-Bikes has allowed riders of broader endurance and stamina levels be a part of the event and Rocky Trail has put specific measures in place that the competitive front end of the (acoustic) racing field is not impacted, including separate start times of e-Bike categories and separating general classification results.

Rocky Trail Entertainment acknowledges that cheating in e-Mountain Bikes, also referred to as Mechanical Doping, is the act of modifying the bikes to go faster than their designed speed limit. The two main modification methods are electronically changing the speed restrictions or by mechanically moving or removing the sensor that measures the speed.

Competitors who choose to race on modified e-Bikes that do not comply with the Australian Standards not only risk their own safety but also that of fellow racers, spectators and suppliers on course. Additionally, these non-complying customers choose to disrespect Rocky Trail’s race regulations and jeopardise our Risk and Safety Management Plans and Operational and Quality Assurance Processes.

At Rocky Trail Entertainment, we take the issue of mechanical doping, or cheating in our e-Mountain Bike categories, very seriously. While we would much prefer that riders did not cheat, we recognize the need to reinforce and update our procedures to secure our events and ensure the safety of all participants.

In summary,

(1) Rocky Trail requires all e-Bikes used at our events to comply with Australian Standards.

(2) We now have a random check system in place.

(3) Rocky Trail Entertainment is introducing an addendum to our Race Waiver and requires all e-Bike participants to specifically acknowledge the policy that has been in place.

Rocky Trail Entertainment supports the growth of e-Bike participation and has embraced the innovation in the industry and technology.

Let’s therefore race with integrity – let’s keep e-mountain biking fair and safe for all.


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