Results & Photos: Toowoomba

The 2023 Fox Superflow® sealed by Stan’s took our racers to the QLD Darling Downs region and Toowoomba – with a Rocky Trail Academy schools event on the Friday, close to 550 competitors were on course on the awesome Toowoomba trails.

Jack Druery wins Elite mens, Elle de Nooyer fastest female

The 27-year old Jack Druery from the Gold Coast took the win in both the Superflow® and Pro Stage classifications at Toowoomba in 10:13.0 ahead of Brisbane racers Harrison Reibelt (10:21.0) and Ryan Leutton (10:37.7) in the Elites. With Reibelt also placing 2nd in the Pro Stage, Sam Butler was in third in the 4-stage classification in the Elites. Leutton won the Pro Stage Master category. In the U21 Pro Stage, U17 Superflow® winner Oliver Colthup won ahead of the fastest U19’s race, Kai Pyyvaarra.

In the women’s Elite, Elle de Nooyer wins as the fastest female in the Superflow® race with 11:44.1 ahead of Pro Stage classification winner Sacha Mills and Annie Mayne. Notable mention was Sacha Huntington, the ex-Elite gravity and downhill racer place third outright in 14:46.0 among the entire eBike field behind husband Randal Huntington (13:52.8) and Darren Wilcock (14:20.1). Sacha hills was the fastest female Pro Stage acoustic racer in 15:30.7 taking the U21 title and Bonnie Fearon won the Elite Pro Stage in 18:05.4.

Juniors pushing into the top 5

The classic 3-stage Superflow® event once again proofed an invaluable playground for up and coming juniors to test their skills and make their mark in the Rocky Trail Series ranking. As such, the U15’s racer Charli Edwick was honorary 2nd outright in the women’s field with 12:13.6 behind winner Elle de Nooyer. In 4th outright the U13’s racer Kirrily Gates with 12:28.5. Also the male juniors pushed hard with U19’s Kai Pyyvaarra placing 3rd outright with 10:32.9 and the U17’s Colthup in 4th.

Names to watch throughout the remainder of the Fox Superflow® Season!

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