Red Hill: Track changes & Pro Stage announced

We’d like to confirm some track changes for the Red Hill VIC event, which we implemented based on local rider feedback. Because, when our #rockytrailracers provide suggestions, we listen, assess and adapt, especially if it will enhance the racing experience. In this case, we agree that this will be the case:

Some people wanted to race Crusher, some people thought it was too techy to push the pace, so we made it so everyone can enjoy the weekend as they wish. Crusher stays in the Maxxis Pro Track for the Sunday and Falline, the local fav, comes in to replace it for the three Superflow® stages. A short note on results – riders need to pick a race day; the results are then consolidated – so the podiums are for the 3-stage Superflow® and additionally the 4-stage Pro Stage. For more information on the Pro-Stage format in the Fox Superflow®, click here. Here is a summary of the changes:

Fox Superflow®️ = 3 stages, you pick your race day Sat OR Sun:

  • Fox track = Falline
  • Stan track = Wombat / Link
  • Laxer track = PinsnNeedles

Pro Stage on Sunday for additional result (on SUN only):

  • Maxxis Pro track (full face helmet required) = Crusher on Sunday as 4th stage for U23, Elite and Master categories (you still get the Superflow®️ 3 stage result too). Please click through to the event website for the full race map and track descriptions.

IMPORTANT: For the riders who have registered Saturday and wish to race Crusher you are welcome to change your day of racing to Sunday and do the 4th stage for the additional Pro Stage result. The Rider List is online via the event page now to check your entry. Please email to have any changes made.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Cheers, Your Rocky Trail Team

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