MTB Direct Spirit Award

Ride with heart, race with spirit – earn the MTB Direct Spirit Award with Rocky Trail!

This title will be awarded to a selected rider for each race based on merit. As a proud supporter of the mountain biking community, MTB Direct has generously provided Spirit Award Gift Cards for all 2024 Superflow® events!

MTB Direct’s unwavering support and dedication to the mountain biking community continue to elevate the Fox Superflow® experience, adding an extra layer of excitement and reward for participants. Whether you’re aiming for the podium or embodying the true spirit of mountain biking, MTB Direct is here to celebrate and equip riders for their next adventure on the trails.

Fox Superflow® 2024

MTB Direct Spirit Award – Cooma NSW 2024

Louis Edwards, U13

The MTB Direct Spirit Award Winner from the Fox Superflow® in Cooma is U13th Rider, Louis Edwards from Canberra. He was nominated by the race marshals and starters for his outstanding riding and positive attitude at the starts and on course.

“We’re nominating Louis, rider 660 for the Spirit Award. He just rode up this big hill for the third time, when asked how he does it he simply said, ‘It’s hard but it’s worth it’.”

What a trooper. Louis was at the event with his dad Charlie who had to pedal quite hard to keep up with this young shredder.

“Wow, thank you so much for this award for Louis! He is only 10 and has been racing Rocky trail for over 2 years now, he was pretty defeated after being knocked off 3rd place on Sunday but after I told him he won the spirit award he can’t keep the smile off his face! Thanks so much for making his day, we will see you in Narooma for some awesome trails and racing!”

Parents of Louis Edwards. 

MTB Direct Spirit Award – MT Buller VIC 2024

Tyla Hall, U17

Sportsmanship took center stage at the Buller Fox Superflow® with U17 racer Tyla emerging as the MTB Direct Spirit Award winner.

In a display of incredible camaraderie, Tyla didn’t hesitate to stop mid-race to assist a fellow rider who had crashed.  Returning to the start line with a genuine smile, Tyla reassured the crew, “It’s all good, I’m just here to have fun. We need to look after each other out there!” 

His selfless act and positive attitude perfectly embody the spirit of the Rocky Trail community.

MTB Direct Spirit Award – Nerang QLD 2024

Leon Ekenaike, U15

The Nerang Fox Superflow® saw a first-time Rocky Trail participant, Leon (riding with #601 Tyrone Christensen), awarded the prestigious MTB Direct Spirit Award!

While both Leon and Tyrone were relatively new to mountain biking, their enthusiasm and positive spirit shone through. They impressed everyone with their skills, including wheelies and cutties around the event hub. Even when Tyrone faced a setback with a broken wheel on his second run (his bike being more suited to dirt jumping), Leon persevered and finished all runs, including a valiant late sprint to the top of the LAZER climb at 3:32 PM!

Beyond his own riding, Leon truly embodied the spirit of a Rocky Trail racer by assisting a group of young riders (10-12 years old) from the Sunshine Coast who got lost finding the start lines. His positivity and helpfulness throughout the day made him a standout participant.

Congratulations, Leon! You’re a true mountain bike enthusiast and a perfect example of the Rocky Trail community spirit.

MTB Direct Spirit Award – Narooma NSW 2024

Sharna Scott

Sharna, a dedicated mountain biker and coach, took home the MTB Direct Spirit Award at the Fox Superflow® Narooma!

After becoming a mum and facing the challenges of raising a young family, Sharna rediscovered her passion for riding on the new Narooma trails. Despite initial race nerves, the supportive Rocky Trail community and the joy of being back on the bike helped her overcome them.

Sharna decided to embrace the “day off” spirit and focused on enjoying the ride.

Sharna’s story perfectly embodies the MTB Direct Spirit Award – a testament to the inclusivity of mountain biking and the ability to reignite the racing fire and to rediscover the thrill of riding.

MTB Direct Spirit Award – Jolly Nose NSW 2024

Jack Ryan, U15

Young gun Jack Ryan (U15s) from Katoomba in the Blue Mountains took home the prestigious MTB Direct Spirit Award at the Jolly Nose Fox Superflow®. 

Jack’s infectious positivity shone through the entire weekend, even with the tough, wet conditions.

He wasn’t afraid to approach the race organisers on Saturday, analysing his times and strategising for Sunday’s race. Gone are the days of the quiet junior – Jack’s enthusiasm and determination for the sport are truly inspiring!

MTB Direct Spirit Award – Eastern Escarpment, brisbane QLD 2024

MTB Coaching Australia Team

The MTB Direct Spirit Award for Brisbane’s Eastern Escarpment event goes to the riders of the MTB Coaching Australia Team. The crew on the ground reported that all riders had a genuinely positive attitude out on track, assisting other riders and spreading their enthusiasm for Superflow® racing at the start lines.

We congratulated Coach Matt for the wonderful atmosphere he’s creating and for supporting his team on race day – they received the MTB Direct Gift Card and an entry discount from the Rocky Trail Team as an additional rewards and recognition for their efforts.

MTB Direct Spirit Award – Red Hill MTB Park, Melbourne VIC 2024

Jensen Anderson, U13

As one of the youngest riders on course, Jensen stood out to our team because of his determination on course. At only just 10 years old, he bravely pushed his bike up the hill all day long and impressed not just our crew but fellow riders as well – of all ages! He raced together with his family and there was some healthy rivalry happening that kept the racing spirit going.

MTB Direct Spirit Award – UC Stromlo Forest Park, Canberra ACT

Tommy Cardone, GASGAS Electroflow™ Master

Straight from the big skies of Montana, USA, our MTB Direct Spirit Award goes to Tommy Cardone! This avid rider stumbled upon Rocky Trail during a work trip to Canberra and couldn’t resist the call of the trails. Talk about dedication – Tommy spent a whopping 8 hours exploring UC Stromlo Forest Park on his rental eBike on Saturday, pushing it until the very last drop of juice!

Drawn in by the infectious energy of our Rocky Trail race community, Tommy had a friendly chat with our crew, reminiscing about his favorite home-state rides. One conversation later, and this true mountain bike trooper was signed up for Sunday’s race! Tommy tackled each of the three tracks twice, proving to be a natural fit within the Rocky Trail family. What a legend – thanks for the epic weekend, Tommy!

MTB Direct Spirit Award – Toowoomba QLD

Brendon Wood, Expert (19+)

A familiar face and Rocky Trail legend claimed the MTB Direct Spirit Award again this year: Brendon Wood from Tweed Heads.

A longtime racer with us from way back when he was still living in Port Macquarie, he has been infamous for tackling the ultimate challenge of clocking all 5 possible times on each Superflow® stage. He repeated this epic feat at Toowoomba, proving once more why he’s a legend. It seems the racing bug is contagious – his brother’s joined the fun too! We love seeing him bridge the XC and Enduro worlds, using the Superflow® races to train for Marathons and 24-hour events.

MTB Direct Spirit Award – Mt Taylor VIC

Patrick Anderson (U13)

Huge congratulations to Patrick Anderson for taking home the MTB Direct Spirit Award at the Mt Taylor Rocky Trail Superflow this weekend! Despite the really cold conditions, Patrick showed true grit and determination throughout the event. Here’s why:

  • Bounced Back Like a Champ: After taking a tough fall on the Fox track during his first run on Saturday, Patrick didn’t let it get him down. He got straight back up, all smiles, determined to “get a better time.” Talk about perseverance!
  • Spreading the Stoke: Patrick wasn’t just focused on his own ride. He was all about cheering on and encouraging his fellow riders, keeping the stoke high for everyone around him.
  • Never Say Quit: Even on Sunday, soaked to the bone, Patrick was still out there pushing laps at 1:30 pm with a “I Got This” attitude written all over his Stans run. That’s the spirit!

Patrick, your unwavering enthusiasm and commitment to the ride are truly inspiring. You’re a great example of the Rocky Trail and mountain bike spirit! Congratulations again!

MTB Direct Spirit Award – Awaba NSW

Bryn Wegner (U19)

Big shout-out to Bryn Wegner the U19’s racer who gets the MTB Direct Spirit Award at Awaba. Bryn raced on the Sunday, which was in wet conditions and yet, the Rocky Trail crew at the starts and on course reported him as a racer simply loving life on his bike – 3 runs on the Fox Track, another 3 on the Stans and 2 on the Lazer stage! Such a legend and good on you Bryn, for keeping the stoke levels up!

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