Fox Superflow® PRO

Fox Superflow® PRO, for the serious racers wanting to take their riding to a new level!

NEW in 2024!

Fox Superflow® PRO

New for 2024 Superflow® PRO at selected venues!

Building on the Superflow® and Superflow® PRO popularity of 2023, Rocky Trail Entertainment is expanding the Superflow® PRO scope for the more serious racers wanting to take their riding to a new level.

Add pressure for one run per track.

Add the endurance of needing to be at a start within a timeline.

Rocky Trail are PROviding the serious gravity riders a stepping stone towards Enduro Nationals and World level racing.

Whats the Format?

  • Race both days in the “Double Header” or one day in Sundays “PRO” only option.
  • The Double Header includes Saturdays Fox Superflow® and Sundays dedicated Superflow® PRO event.
  • The double header gives you up to 5 runs of each of the 3 tracks – you get a valid Saturday result for this classic format and this is included as a “practice day” on those 3 stages.
  • You may practice the PRO Stage, un-timed throughout the day on Saturday (closed for racing). A full-face helmet is required for those practice runs on the PRO stage on Saturday.
  • Saturdays times count towards the Fox Superflow® podium & series points.
  • Sunday’s Fox Superflow® PRO is a dedicated event with 1 single run on each of 4 tracks (3 plus the additional 4th PRO Stage).
  • Scheduled start order and times for each stage on Sunday.
  • Sundays race runs only count towards the Fox Superflow® PRO podium & series points.
  • Full-face helmets are mandatory for the Superflow® Pro racers on ALL FOUR stages on Sunday!

Categories & Entry

Your Age Group will automatically be assigned during the registration process based on your Year of Birth.

Saturday & Sunday

Fox Superflow® + PRO

Junior – $139
Adults – $179

Sunday Only

Superflow® PRO

Junior – $79
Adults – $99

  • Under 21 (Under 20)
  • Elite (21-39)
  • Masters (40+)
  • Ebike (18+)

Age determination day is December 31 of the current racing year, meaning how old you are at the end of the year determines which Age group category you can race in. Ages 19+ are categorised as Adult.

What’s Included?

Your Fox Superflow® PRO registration includes the following:

  • 2 Days of racing with Double Header
  • Practice PRO Stage on Saturday and get a classic 3-stage Fox Superflow® result
  • Priority start times on Sunday (no waiting)
  • Personalised Race Plate with timing chip & results QR
  • Entry into your state Fox Superflow® series & Fox Superflow® PRO series
  • Live Timing throughout both events
  • Access to content for social media sharing
  • Professional First Aid
  • Race Starters on all stages
  • Event Marshalls
  • Event Village with music and race commentary
  • Food, Coffee & Drinks Vendors
  • Neutral Service / Repairs
  • Sponsor Expo & Demonstrations

The Rules

The rules are relatively simple:

  • No race plate, no race (both days)
  • Riders get only ONE run on Sunday of each of the 4 tracks (Including the 3 Superflow® tracks raced on Saturday and the additional (fourth) PRO track.
  • Each run is scheduled with a limited window in which riders must do their run on each track. Riders who fail to get to the start of a track within their scheduled window will not be able to have a race run and be marked “DNF” in the results.
  • Superflow® PRO riders will be seeded fastest to slowest based on their Superflow® results on Saturday. Riders who do not make the seeded start time will have to start at the end of the PRO start window.
  • The PRO riders runs on Sunday don’t count in the Superflow® Results from the previous race day. You will get two completely separate race days and results.
  • Re-runs are not permitted. Once a rider passes the finish flag, they are considered to have completed the run.
  • Riders who pull out prior to the finish may request a re-start. Provisional re-starts may be granted.
  • Re-starts will be permitted, at the discretion of the race director. For example, Riders who are held up by a crashed rider may be asked if they wish to restart, only if they have not crossed the finish. These riders will need to have stayed with the crashed rider and reported the incident to Race Director (phone number via rider briefing). Riders who are stopped will be sent to re-start at the end of the PRO start window. If the track is held due to an injured rider the PRO start window may be extended at the discretion of the Race Director.
  • Full-face helmets are mandatory for the Superflow® PRO racers on ALL four stages on the Sunday. A full-face helmet is also mandatory if you choose to practice the PRO stage on the Saturday.
  • Always respect other riders no matter their skill, speed, age or gender.
  • If you leave the track you must return to the same point before continuing your run.
  • No shortcutting or “local lines” outside the bunted track.
  • No shuttling.
  • All bikes and rider safety equipment must comply with the Australian Standards; ​you can race the Superflow® with any approved helmet and we encourage protection gear but it is not compulsory in this race format.
  • eBikes must be unmodified and comply with current Australian standards. Read more about our eBike policy here.
  • All riders must agree to a Race Waiver when they sign up online or at the race on-site.

Superflow® PRO riders under the age of 18 are required to wear the following equipment as mandatory on all stages:

  • Full-finger gloves must be worn
  • Full length jersey – jersey must cover elbows at all times
  • Knee pads and elbow pads must be worn

Transfer or Cancel Entry

I Wish To Transfer

In case you can’t make it to the event you can transfer it to someone else or use it for a future event, but you have to let us know before the event by sending an email to

I Wish To Cancel

If you wish to cancel your entry simply send us an email. No need for doctor’s certificates or any explanations.

Up to 1 week prior to the event you will receive 80% of your entry back. With less than a week to go we are not able to do refunds but you can either transfer the entry to someone else or get it credited towards another Rocky Trail Entertainment within the next 12 months. We are not able to give any refunds or credits after the race has commenced..

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