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Fox Superflow® is Enduro racing with 5 runs per stage for pros and pinners!

Established in 2012 and owned by Rocky Trail Entertainment, the Fox Superflow® is Australia’s most popular gravity enduro series, because you can Race the way you Ride!

In a nutshell, you RIDE up untimed with the crew, then pick whatever RACE stage you want. Drop in with your buddies, do a reccy lap or pin a race run. It’s about doing party trains, railing berms and racing all in one day. This race was Ride the way you want to ride, with warm up runs, and in any order you want! Make it a cruisy day out mountain biking or treat it like an EWS. We have base rules. No track order. At least 3 race stages. Always five laps. That’s at least 15 possible race runs and the fastest time on each stage counts! And, we offer an additional 4th PRO Stage, wherever we can.

What does PRO Stage mean?

At selected venues with the appropriate track choices, we will be adding the additional 4th Pro Stage for highly experienced racers who choose to participate in this additional classification.

Why did Rocky Trail introduce the Pro Stage?

Our goal is to help riders enjoy bikes as much as possible, and for some, that means progressing their riding and racing to a more challenging level. Our Pro Stages are EWS-inspired, which is very specific in both ascent liaison elevation and the need for technical descents. We have expended significant funds to be compliant in timing and administration, therefore the Pro Stages are a realistic training (and play) ground for aspiring gravity racers. We dream of Rocky Trail Racers breaking to the next level and racing on the world stage.

Pro Stage Categories

Categories are mapped as per EWS categories: Elite, U21 and Master plus E-bike:

  • U13 / approval needed to race in U21
  • U15 / approval needed to race in U21
  • U17 / race in U21
  • U19 / race in U21
  • Veterans / race in Elite
  • Masters / race in Masters
  • Super Masters / race in Masters
  • Grand Masters / race in Masters
  • Elite / If under 21 race in U21
  • Elite / If 21 or over race in Elite
  • Expert / If under 21 race in U21
  • Expert / If 21 or over race in Elite
  • Hardtail / If 21 or over race in Elite
  • Ebike / E-bike category (open/masters) offered

What equipment is required?

For the Pro Stages you will need to wear a compliant full face and we encourage pads (in some rounds we are using portions or all of the venue’s DH tracks).

How do results work?

When an event offers a fourth Pro Stage, these are usually offered on the Sunday. The Pro Riders get 2 results, one in the 3-stage race and another in the 4-stage race classification. So if you’re in Pro, you still get the elite category classification and ranking among all elite riders who complete the 3 stages. The Pros get the 4th time added to an additional 4-stage result.

Can anyone race the PRO Stage?

The Pro Stages are only open to experienced U21, Elite & Masters riders. Generally, riders in the Fox Superflow® are automatically entered into AGE GROUPS based on the gender and Date of Birth they indicate when registering unless you choose “Elite” (or an E-Bike or Hardtail category). Based on that choice of Age Groups vs. Elite the riders who select “Pro” when signing up get placed in the relevant category.

As an example, a rider can still compete in the U19’s in the Fox Superflow® and get the 3-stage result. He/she will then get an additional 4-stage result (if they ticked the Pro Stage box when signing up), which will be the combined four stages and then get an U21 result for Pro. So two separate results.

Important: Full face helmet and protection is mandatory on that additional 4th PRO Stage; generally the Fox Superflow® can be competed in with any Australian standard-approved helmet.

Why are Fox Superflow® Pro stages are usually only run on a Sunday?

Generally, the Pro Stage is offered only on a Sunday as we want to accommodate riders who are able to choose to specifically race on the Saturday instead. This is because we know that some riders prefer that, because it is generally perceived that if a Pro Stage is offered the types of riders participating in it race at a higher pace, which creates potentially a more intense racing atmosphere – which some other riders prefer to avoid.

Can you practice?

Practicing the Pro stage may be available on the Saturday however this is at the riders own risk. All other track will be closed for practice.

What makes the Superflow® unique?

This is enduro racing with new friends and without a tight schedule. Work with your crew and other racers to figure out the best order to race, get strategic! Elite racer, grom or noob, any age, will have a blast: rub shoulders with some of the best enduro gravity racers in the country and enjoy the professional, inclusive and friendly race atmosphere that Rocky Trail is known for! There are no harsh cut-off times or start orders, which means whatever category you’re in, you can ride together and each lock your own best race run in!

Get ready to have an awesome day out as you smash down our Fox Superflow® race tracks to hunt down those precious seconds for the win!

More questions?

More questions? Contact us via the online chatting tool or email ride@rockytrailentertainment.com

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