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We are looking forward to racing on the home trails of The Snowy Mountains MTB Club – this is a social MTB club whose focus is on building awesome trails and riding in the Cooma area. We can’t wait to return to Mount Gladstone awesome trails !

This is enduro racing with new friends and without a tight schedule. Work with your crew and other racers to figure out the best order to race, get strategic! Elite racer, grom or noob, any age, will have a blast: there are no harsh cut-off times or start orders, which means whatever category you’re in, you can ride together and each lock your own best race run in!

Get ready to have an awesome day out as you smash down our Fox Superflow® race tracks to hunt down those precious seconds for the win!

New to Superflow racing, check out the Event Guide for everything you need to know. Jump on our Venue Guide for location and parking info. Hit the Stages Guide for info on all the tracks.

Rider briefings are posted 1-2 days prior to the event and event photos are uploaded 24-48 hours after event.


Mount Gladstone Reserve in Cooma is home to over 7km of prime enduro single track. Day trip it from Canberra, stop en-route to the mountains or make it a weekend, it won’t disappoint!

Trail Guide

Racing starts at 9:00 am with Last run at 3:30 PM

Got a question, check out our FAQ’s or send us a message on the chat at the bottom of the page

venue guide

Venue Details

Mount Gladstone Mountain Bike Park, Cooma NSW

Mount Gladstone Reserve is located 3.5km west of Cooma and is managed by the Snowy Mountains MTB Club, endorsed by the Snowy Monaro Regional Council.

Rocky Trail Entertainment works closely with the local clubs and land owners or venue managers to make sure each event has the lowest environment impact as possible.  We also donate a portion per riders entry fee to the club to help them further develop the trails.


Mount Gladstone Mountain Bike Park, Cooma NSW 2630, Australia

Snowy Mountain Shuttles

Friday, 2nd February ahead of the event weekend:
The local provider is not operating, because they are away, however, Capital Shuttles has been provided the opportunity to run shuttles on Friday, 2nd February! They offer:

  • 2 hour sessions at $40 per person
  • Sessions start at 10am 12pm 2pm and 4pm

To book, send a direct message (DM) Capital Shuttles on Instagram or Facebook now to secure your spot!


Parking area will be split into 2wd and 4wd sections.

Please follow the directions of our marshalls and signs on the day.


Event Services

  • Registration Tent with live timing, merch and race info
  • Giveaways and prize draws
  • Mountain bike equipment displays and demonstrations
  • Music and live race updates
  • Professional First Aid
  • Toilets
  • Mechanicals – all local and mobile bike shops are super busy this weekend; if you need simple spares, we have some available or purchase from the rego tent (e.g. tubes, tyres). We also have the basic tools that you can borrow. For bigger mishaps, we made sure that the local bikes hop Rhythm Sports is open:
    • Address: 8 Sharp St, Cooma NSW 2630, Phone (02) 6452 2303
    • Their opening hours for the weekend are: Fri: 9am – 7pm and Sat+Sun: 9 am – 4pm

Food & Refreshments

No event is complete without awesome coffee, epic food and plenty of cold refreshments! We’re excited that the Birchwood Cafe from Jindabyne will be at Mt Gladstone with us, providing beautiful food and drinks – and the best thing, the owners are mountain bikers like all of us! Here’s the menu:

  • Sandwiches, toasted sandwiches, lunch packs, and sweet treats
  • slices, muffins, and banana bread on offer to order on the day as well and these will be a mix of regular and gluten free, possibly a vegan/gf option too.
  • hot drinks & coffee options, plus have ice for cold coffee, bottled water, soft drinks and a powerade and fresh lemonade in big glass drink dispensers to have it on tap
  • You can even pre-order your food online, click on the online pre-sell offers for sandwiches and lunch packs NOW!
  • For online pre-orders, the cut off time is on Thursday midnight 2 x days before the event. Add your product to the cart and you will be asked to pick Saturday or Sunday for the “pick-up” at the Event Centre, ie your race day.

We’ll be updating our list of suppliers closer to the date.


To be confirmed closer to the date.

Accommodation Partner

Our event venue at Mt Gladstone MTB Park is only a 40min drive from the NRMA Jindabyne Holiday Park and from there it’s less than half an hour to Thredbo. 

  • Address: 6 Kosciuszko Rd, Jindabyne, NSW 2627
  • The Holiday Park is offering Rocky Trail Racers and Visitors a 10% discount from 02-04 February 2024.
  • To book, call or email the NRMA Jindabyne Holiday Park directly and quote the Reservation #58145. Click here for contact details.


No camping available at this venue. Please see our destination guide for further accommodation needs.

All Rocky Trail events are Ecotourism Certified in the Nature Tourism category by Ecotourism Australia. This means that with Rocky Trail you are guaranteed to be part of a genuine and authentic trail-based nature experience that looks after the environment.

Our Sustainability Pledge is that we encourage our racers to follow some simple tips to ‘tread softly’ when visiting the bush and minimise damage to the natural environment. In summary, when you attend our events, please take only memories, immerse yourself into nature, enjoy spending time with like-minded people on ‘rocky trails’ and please, leave only footprints and tyre marks on the sanctioned trails and in the event perimeter marked out, if you’re a racer.

What is SUPERFLOW® racing

Click on the guides below to learn everything about this event

race format


Learn More

categories & Entry

Learn More


Learn More

What's Included

Learn More


Learn More

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Superflow® Race Format


  • At EVERY RACE we are offer 3 epic, gravity enduro stages called Fox, Stans & Lazer
  • Choose your day or race both days at selected regional venues
  • Racing starts at 9:00 am and you have till 3:30 pm to ride each stage up to 5 times each (min 1 run per stage), that's up to 15 race runs in total!
  • You choose what order you ride the stages in
  • Stages are an average of 2-3 minutes long, with untimed liaisons so take your time and chat with your mates.
  • Return to the race village at anytime for food, support or to rest!
  • Technical assistance is permitted anywhere outside of your race runs
  • The fastest time on each race track gets added up to the final result across skill and age group classifications.

Superflow® PRO


  • If you do the PRO format you enter for 2 days of racing.
  • Ride Saturday in the Fox Superflow® with up to 5 runs of each of the 3 tracks – you get a valid Saturday result for this classic format and this is included as a “practice day” on those 3 stages.
  • Ride Sunday in Fox Superflow® PRO with 1 single run on each of 4 tracks (3 plus the additional 4th PRO Stage).

The Formats Explained:

Pick Your Day

This is the "Standard Format" available at most events where you choose either Saturday or Sunday to race.

Race Both Days

At selected regional venues, entry includes both Saturday & Sunday.

Academy Weekend

At selected venues we run our Schools Academy events on the Friday before Superflow events. These are a must for budding new riders!

Fox Superflow® PRO

At selected venues we are offering the new Fox Superflow® PRO format which is 2 days of racing + additional 4th pro stage.

Fox Superflow® Double Header

At selected venues Saturday & Sunday are classed as separate rounds. Entry is the standard "Pick Your Day" format.


At selected VIC venues we offer a separate "Shuttled" event alongside the traditional "Pedaled" events.


Pick Your Day - Choose Saturday or Sunday

Race Both Days - At select venues you can ride both days

Registration Open7:30 – 1:00 PM
Saturday Race runs9:00 – 3:30 PM
Last Race Run3:30 PM
Registration Open7:30 – 1:00 PM
Sunday Race runs9:00 – 3:30 PM
Last Race Run3:30 PM
Event Wrapup3:45 PM

Choose the order in which you do your race runs and you get up to 5 runs per track and the fastest one counts.

Categories & Entry Fees

Your Agegroup will automatically be assigned during the registration process based on your Year of Birth.

Entry fees valid across all Fox Superflow® events 2024 apart from the races at Mt Buller and Falls Creek in VIC.

Junior Age Group Categories | $74 :

  • Junior U13
  • Junior U15
  • Junior U17
  • Junior U19

Adult Age Group Categories | $99 :

  • Elite - This is the top category for the fastest racers
  • Expert (19+)
  • Veteran (30+)
  • Master (40+)
  • SuperMaster (50+)
  • GrandMaster (60+)
  • E-Bike GASGAS Electroflow
  • E-Bike GASGAS Master (40+) Electroflow
  • Hardtail

Only select Elite, Ebike or Hardtail during the registration process if you do not wont to compete in your agegroup category.

Age determination day is December 31 of the current racing year, meaning how old you are at the end of the year determines which Agegroup category you can race in.

You need to be at least 10 years old in order to race. If you would like an exemption to that rule please contact us.


Below are some of the common questions we get, if you cant find what you're after jump on our FAQ page here

Are we allowed to shuttle?

Shuttling is not allowed at Superflow events unless it is specified as a shuttled event such as Mt Buller or Falls Creek.

You can assist other riders by pushing them or walking thier bike up. Towing with a rope is not allowed but we do sometimes grant exemptions for very young (and tired) riders.

Do I need to be part of an organisation to race?

You don't need to be a member of any cycling association to race the Fox Superflow®️. Some offer great insurance packages which are worthwhile checking out.

Do I need insurance?

You are responsible to cover yourself for the race.

Flip Insurance is a new Event Partner for Fox Superflow® and Rocky Trail cross-country events; you can find some more information here:

Can I restart my run if I have an issue?

Yes you can restart your run as long as you do not cross the finish line.

DO NOT walk back up the trail under any circumstance, please exit the trail and return to the start via the designated liaison.

Can we ride in pairs or in a train?

You can ride in a train if you like, just allow space between each rider at the start, during technical sections and at the finish line.

How does timing work?

Your race plate has a timing chip unique to you and your time starts as soon as you cross the start map (usually 20-30m from start gate) and finishes when you cross the finish line.

My child is racing can I ride with them?

When you pick up your race plates ask our team for a "Marshal" plate. This will allow you to accompany your child on trails.

How much time do you give between riders

We have start marshal's on all our stages to make sure that everyone gets a clean run at the track. If you think you'll need a bigger gap either before or after you just let them know.

Is a full face helmet and protection mandatory?

Full Face helmets and protection with the exception of Superflow® Pro stages are not mandatory however it is highly recommend that all riders wear one at all times.

Full face helmet, knee and elbow protection is mandatory for Superflow® Pro stages

Whats Included?

Your registration includes the following:

  • NEW Live Results race portal
  • NEW Scan your race plate for results
  • NEW multiple new venues added to NSW & VIC series
  • Personalised Race Plate with Timing Chip
  • Live Timing throughout the event
  • Free photos of you out on track
  • Free giveaways
  • Professional First Aid
  • Race Starters on every stage
  • Event Marshalls
  • Event Village with music and race commentary
  • Food, Coffee & Drinks Vendors
  • Neutral Service / Repairs
  • Sponsor Expo & Demonstrations


Want to be a part of the race?

Partners, supporters or parent helpers are always welcome – email for more information or chat to our Event Manager on the day.